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November 04, 2014

Sunday (Monday) Progress Update

What are these?
In the last week, many things have happened, but which don't lend themselves to photographs.

The plumbing rough-in is complete, and passed City inspection.
Rough-in involves running all of the water lines, drain lines, and venting pipes in the walls, mounting drains and stub-outs at eachplumbing fixture, and connecting the house plumbing to the City water meter.
Basically everything that is hidden in the walls, stopping short of the final fixture installs that happen after sheetrock & cabinets.

One small glitch - the shower fixture that we purchased from a UK company is presenting problems (picture above).  Their plumbing fitting standards are quite different from ours, and it has us scratching our heads and searching for rare adapters.  

The Heating & Ventilating rough-in, which was almost complete the week before, was finished up.

Electrical rough-in has just begun.  Outlet and switch boxes are being located, and soon wiring begins.

I completed the radon vent piping, out of the roof.

Blocking installation throughout.  I've been installing wood blocks in the wall framing everywhere for mounting electrical, plumbing, and mechanical, as well as future shelves, hooks, toilet roll holders. 

The exterior insulation install continues, as one wet guy works away at it diligently in the rain; sometimes with my assistance when required.
Pretty impressive work, Barry

The roofers have finally arrived, and began work on the carport canopy membrane roof.  So far just preparing the built-in gutters with sheet metal, today the membrane goes on if weather allows.

Sorry for the lack of photos - I will see what I can do in the next few days.

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