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October 30, 2014

Heating the Breakfast Nook

Routered Subfloor
This piece of plywood will be the subfloor for the breakfast nook seen beyond. 

I'm using a router to cut channels in the 1 1/8" thick plywood.  Radiant floor tubing will be placed in these channels to make sure the breakfast nook is nice and cosy in the winter.

A piece of tubing is inside the channels on the left, making sure the bends are workable.

The finished flooring (fir) will cover this tubing, and insulation below it will direct the heat upwards.

A first glimpse of the large awning window (custom from Versatile) can be seen beyond.  Didn't get a chance to photograph the install.  Now it huddles under a tarp until I get protective finish on it.

A straightedge guides the router for the straight cuts, but the curves are freehand.  A little bit of wonkiness is acceptable, I hope. 

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