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October 23, 2014

Feeling Tubby

It is a bit difficult to sit in
Plumbing rough-in continues at a good pace.  One of the more visual aspects of this is the new tub!

We are quite pleased with this tub.  I would specify this again, no problem.  Opening the box elicited oohs & ahs - a nice deep soaker.  Here is a link to the item. 

The tub is rocked up on its side so that the drain & overflow assembly can be installed first.  Also, a grout bed will go down to give good solid support to the bottom.

Then we get to see how well the framing wall & ledger I built will fit.

Also visible in this picture is beefy blocking, low & high, to support our wall mounted vertical radiator.  You can see the feeds poking through from the floor.

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