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November 20, 2014

How are you Coping?

Steel deck coping in place
It took a bit of wrestling and shims to get these 7 heavy steel copings into place, but they look great.

Similar to the slot window sills I posted a while back, these are 10 gauge steel, formed in a shop, painted on site.

The thickness gives them a visual weight, and a practical durability.  We can climb over these to maintain the green roof without denting.

Just carrying them up to the deck was a workout, but I got them installed and water-tight before the rains began in the late evening.

Nice crisp lines
Yes, there is insulation on the outside of the parapet wall.  This is because the plane of the siding needs to be continuous with insulated walls all around.

We considered skipping the insulation here and replacing with thicker furring strips, but worried that the transition from oh-so-slightly-compressible insulation to rigid wood furring might be troublesome. A little extra rockwool doesn't hurt.

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