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November 18, 2014

Finally! The metal roof takes shape.

Play-doh Fun Factory for roofs
Only about a month and 1/2 behind the scheduled install, this trailer backed into the courtyard and started spitting out roof panels.

You can see the coil of sheet metal atop the rig, which feeds through a forming die, and exits onto a support roller as a standing seam metal panel.

It is cut to length as needed.

Piles o' panels

It did not take long before the courtyard filled up with piles of panels, sized to fit previous measurements.

Sexy Plexi

The skylights also arrived.  Above is the plexiglass dome skylight installed above the carport  membrane roof (and another at the garage). 

Insulated glass skylights will be installed on the house.

Garage canopy in progress
Didn't get too far with the actual install today, after all the rest of the production. 

About 1/2 of the canopy on the garage now has a real roof.

Tomorrow they finish this, and move to the main house roof.  My relief is palpable.

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