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November 13, 2014

Breakfast Armor

Welding in the garage, using a table and bar clamps as a jig.
The steel cladding for the Breakfast Nook was installed today - despite the freezing rain.

Similar to the steel boxes that I made for a few of the windows, a much larger one had to be made to clad the projecting breakfast nook.

The 8' x 30" sheets of 3/16" steel were remarkably heavy - about 150 pounds each.  It took some doing and the occasional extra hand to move & maneuver them for working.

Once they were welded together, they were even harder to work with.

But 4 of us managed to move it across the lot, and stand it into place.  A bit of fussing, and I got it leveled and bolted into place amidst the icicles.

Another steel piece will be added at the bottom to complete the box, with wood infill around the window and wall below.

The completed unit, moved out to the yard for grinding, priming, and painting.  Sleet on the ground, and coming down.

Maneuvered next to the b.nook, almost ready for standing. A rope, and a framed wood platform got the job done.

Tipped into place, prior to final adjustments. 

Icicles formed during the adjustment/bolting time.

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