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August 17, 2015

Roof Deck Pavers

The finished roof deck.  Now for some furnishings.
Finished the installation of the roof deck pavers this weekend.

The pavers are 24" square concrete planks, that sit level above the roof membrane on adjustable pedestals.  The roof membrane below is protected from damage, and slopes to the roof drain.

Installation photos below.

Closeup of the pedestals holding the concrete pavers.
The pavers arrived on two pallets, dropped in the street by the driveway.  56 of them needed for the deck, plus a few extra just in case.
Note the cracked one on the bottom.

Which was good, because a few of them arrived broken.

Carried each of these slabs up into the courtyard, where they were pressure-washed and then a sealer was applied.
Ready for cleaning & sealer

Then a layout was measured out up on the deck, and a reference height was determined.

Then pedestal heights at each corner are measured, and cut.
The pedestals are a system of caps and bases, that fit over a PVC pipe that is cut to the proper length.  The pedestals sit on a protective pad at the roof membrane, and ready-made shims can be used to adjust for irregularities.
Installation in progress

Then carry a paver upstairs, and set into place.  Repeat 56 times.

We centered our layout on the doors, for the most "balanced" layout.  This did, however mean that the pavers needed to be cut to fit on 3 of the 4 sides of the deck.
Cut to fit along 3 sides

Cutting was achieved with an angle grinder and a diamond blade.  It went surprisingly well, but was hot and very dirty work.  Clouds of concrete dust, but ultimately not too difficult.

Very satisfying to finish this work.  It is now officially deck-sitting season.

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