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August 28, 2015

Off the Shoulder of Orion

" I've... seen things... you people wouldn't believe."

It has been quite the journey. 

You may notice that posts are arriving less and less frequently.  Now that major work is complete, current work is minor, sporadic and largely mundane.  Plenty of it still, but not so worthy of documentation.

I assume that no one really wants to hear about hanging pictures on the wall, or touch-up painting.

I'll continue to post a few more when developments happen.
For example - A nice professional photo set of the interior and exterior will happen in the future; but probably not until the landscaping is at least partially established.

Thank you for following the progress!  It has been interesting to us to share.  If you have any questions or suggestions for things you'd like to know more about, please comment below.

If you are just finding this blog - here is a link to the very beginning if you want to see things happen in order (start at bottom of page).


  1. Keeping posting Hunter. I have been following your entire blog. You should keep it up with what you have going on.


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