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May 31, 2015

Front Steps Underway

Formwork for the concrete front steps and walkway is underway.  Hope to complete and pour these soon.

Another Rejuvinated Light Fixture

Another old light fixture with a new life ahead. 

This one goes above the Dining Room table, if all goes well.

Butcher Block Fail

Not so smooth anymore. 
In the spirit of full disclosure, let me present my latest dose of humble pie. 

May 28, 2015

Concrete Progress

Today we finally poured some of the concrete paving "flatwork". 

May 27, 2015


Our countertops went in today, marking a milestone of completeness.

Butcher Block

Here is the end-grain fir butcher block in progress.

Soooo much sanding.  The endgrain is tough, and it takes hours to wear it down just a little. 

Zone out with headphones on and sand, sand, sand.

It Finally Happened


Swedish Closet

Yes, we have Ikea in the house.

Here are the wardrobes in the newly carpeted closet.  Starting to feel almost inhabitable.

Here Lisa goes into production mode on the drawer assembly.

Carpet Diem

Carpeting is now installed!

We used a meter square carpet tile by Milliken, called Linen

Installation was almost entirely by Lisa, whose knees are a-feelin' it now.  I followed behind with baseboard trim (not shown).

May 25, 2015

Stair Handrail

The steel part of the handrail that I have been fabricating is now in place on the wall.

Next, a wood cap, and some touch-up paint completes the installation.

Butcher Block

This is my version of a butcher block under construction.

What you are viewing is a whole lot of end grain fir being glued down to a plywood substrate.  The buckets and random chunks of concrete are to press them into place while the adhesive dries.

Then...hours of sanding, and an edge strip.

May 22, 2015

Steel Install Time

Brackets are painted and ready for install.  Might actually get on this today.

Guest Bath Progress

The toilet / tub room is complete.  Well, except for the toilet paper roll holder and shower curtain.

This was the interior door that was delivered with broken glass.  Got the replacement, and got it painted and installed finally.

Drilled the tile (scary) and mounted the shower bar.

May 19, 2015

Window Trim

Corner trim in progress.  One panel and receiver added on the right side.  Insulation shown beside it.  On the left side the nailer has been added over the waterproofing..
Completed the metal trim on the Living Room windows today.

A series of aluminum extrusions are fit together so that the various window are joined together visually.

Paving Progress

Finally starting the concrete flatwork (steps, walkways, driveway).  You can see the wood forms on the ground where the walkway will be poured.

The subcontractor was scheduled for 2 1/2 months ago, but only now has arrived, despite constant attempts on our part to get them here.  A source of major stress and consternation.

Lisa and the cat inspect the formwork.

May 15, 2015

Appliances Have Power

Before Hookup
All of our appliances are now electrically connected.

Master Bath Shower

It took a real good bit of fussing, plus some extra adapters from both the manufacturer and the hardware store, but we got our British shower fixture to work.

May 11, 2015

Front Door Landing Spot

Installed the steel box that serves as our "landing spot" by the front door - a place to drop your keys, sunglasses, etc.

May 08, 2015

More Metalwork

Working on metal supports for the Kitchen & Breakfast Nook

May 07, 2015

Master Bath Mirror

Got the large mirror installed in the Master Bathroom.

Super tight clearances getting it into the room, but it made it.

The room suddenly feels so much larger, and the natural light from the skylight fills the room.

Breakfast Nook Seating Mockup

We wanted to make sure that the bench dimensions were optimal, so we made an adjustable mock-up. 

Got the back angle dialed in, and tested table overlap and seat-to-table heights.

May 05, 2015

South Fence

Completed the South property-line fence today.  A welcome change.

May 03, 2015

Post Posting Post

Spent this weekend starting on the fence along the South property line.

Took one full day, with energetic help from friend Bryan, to remove 80' of chainlink fence and posts.  Broke a heavy duty webbing strap and a nylon rope trying to pull the old posts.  A lot of grunting labor.

Today Lisa and I got the post holes finished, and set the new steel posts in concrete.

Put the old fence on Craigslist, and managed the swarm of sketchy metal scrappers who descended.

Tomorrow the wood infill begins.

May 01, 2015

Heavy Metal Bath

Working today on our experiment for the upstairs guest bathroom - a steel countertop.

It wraps up the wall and forms a backsplash and small shelf for the mirror to sit upon.
The cutout is for the undermount sink, and a hole for the faucet.

Now we just have to decide what to finish this with - we are considering a color in this location.

Behind it, you can see steel bars awaiting their turn to get cut and welded for the kitchen.

Steel Wall Surface in Kitchen

A steel surface beside the door in the kitchen; a place for magnets or chalk notes and doodles.

The wood is temporary bracing to hold it flat while the mastic dries.

Can't wait to replace the door with the glass and fir door. 
Oh yeah - I'll have to wait.

Mirror Moves

The first of the mirrors got installed today - downstairs bathroom.

And look - the glass shower door is now in place (3 days later from previous post)

Shower Door Standing By

Shower door arrived... but with the wrong hinge. 

Lets just lean it in this doorway for a few days.

Light Leafing

Adding a touch of gold leaf to the old light fixture we refurbished previously.