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October 13, 2014

Sunday Progress Update

Mechanical Room takes shape
The past week was mostly about Heating and Ventilating.
The framing crew did a fair amount of misc tasks, but hard to take a photo of.

The radiant heating system was installed in the Utility room, with lines run to the radiator locations on the second floor.

Thermostat wires also run throughout.

Ductwork for the bath fans and laundry exhaust were installed.

The ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator - provides tempered fresh air to the house) was hung in the attic space.

Hard to keep up with all the folks swarming the place with saws and drills.  We have a few extra holes to patch, and a couple things to redo.

This weekend did a massive clean, and put down floor protection in anticipation of the rain and muddy footprints to come.

View from breakfast nook

Living Dining is now a door painting station
Manifold for the 2nd floor radiators

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