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September 21, 2014

Sunday Progress Update

Entry Canopy takes shape.
A recap of the progress this week, with some pictures, follows below:

  • Majority of windows are now installed, the rest may be completed on Monday.
  • Rear canopy is complete, front canopy (over entry and carport) is taking shape.
  • The roof deck now has a layer of tapered sleepers installed to create a slope toward the drain. Next, a layer of plywood decking will go on top of the sleepers and insulation to create a substrate for the roof membrane.
  • Lisa added a finish coat of paint to all of the fascia boards.
  • Plumbing rough-in has begun; drain lines and venting has been installed.

French doors to deck are installed, deck slope to drain underway.

Plumbing drains & vents roughed in.

Fascia boards primed and painted one side (so far)


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