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July 01, 2014

Slab Happy

Reflection Pond
The concrete pour for the house slabs went down today.  Looking good!

Got a very early start to beat the heat.  Slab was down and set enough to spray with water before the heat arrived. 

Now it is 99 degrees outside (!), but the slab is well flooded and should not be in any danger of stress-cracks from the heat.

The nightmare scenario where someone damages a radiant tube during the pour thankfully did not happen. The gauge on the tubes still reads at full pressure, showing that no leaks have occurred.

Here are some photos of the pour.

Placing the concrete.  Don't worry, we got that one tube to lay flat before we covered it.
Rodding the rough concrete to level.
For some reason a film crew showed up.
Rodding WITH a level (not the usual practice) - these guys really outdid themselves
The float-master.  First the 'bull float' to smooth and compact; this was done across the whole slab multiple times in all directions.  Then the 'fresno' to smooth and refine the finish.  Finally the hand trowel.

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