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July 06, 2014

New Fence

East Fence & Retaining Wall
Lisa & I completed the new fence on our East property line this weekend.

With the formwork stripped from the concrete retaining wall, we were able to drill and bolt steel posts to the back of the concrete wall. 

Posts in place, the crew backfilled behind the wall with drainrock and filter fabric to prevent water pressure from pushing too hard on the wall.  (The wall retains 24-30" of soil in the neighbor's yard.)  Covered all that with soil & grass seed. 

Over the holiday weekend, Lisa and I framed between the posts and hung the fence boards.  Andrew, our neighbor, lent a hand for a bit. 

Funny story: Realized that we would be ready for fence building on Thursday, so rushed in an order for material before the holiday weekend.  Borrowed a truck, sat in rush-hour traffic, and got there just in time.  Only to be told that "oops, our system said we had tight knot fence boards, but we don't."  I must have looked like I was going to collapse in a puddle, because he sized me up and said "we'll just give you clear fence boards for the same price".  Wow.  These boards are beautiful

So far all lumber on the project has been FSC certified.  In my rush to get material in time, and the product swap, I forgot to check on these.  Feel a little guilty because clear boards are rare to get sustainably.  I suspect they are not certified. One small thing though, at least here they are being used in a very visible place which fully highlights their beauty.

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