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July 26, 2014

First Walls

Living & Dining Room North Walls
The first walls on the house have gone up.

Started with the tallest balloon-framed walls beside the stair, otherwise there would be no place to build them on the ground once the other walls are in place.

'Balloon framing' refers to walls that are built using continuous studs that span more than one floor. 

Since the stair is right up against this wall, almost the full height of the two-story wall is visible on the interior.  Framing this way avoids a joint at the floor line, and makes a stronger wall.

Here is the garage, which has the main framing in place:
Garage Framing
You'll notice that there is plywood attached to the upper part of the wall.  This is because it is easier to put the plywood in place when the wall is laying flat on the ground, than it is to carry sheets of plywood up a ladder.

The plywood is only attached at the top, and when the wall is stood up and plumbed square, they nail it off.

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