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June 08, 2015

Is It Rude To Stair?

Morning light on the steps.
Making progress on the interior stair.

It has taken me days and days of painstaking measuring, cutting, and finishing, but the finished treads and risers on the staircase are nearing completion. 

I have reached the lower landing, which I plan to tackle today.

Now if I can just keep the subcontractors off of them.

One more step to reach the landing.  Material for the landing is stacked to the foreground.
Wood for the stair treads and risers that I sanded and prefinished ahead of installation.


  1. Boy, for such a cool guy, you can really be some kinda corny with your titles! Good stuff. Last pic is so lovely, that black line, all the angles.

  2. Well, I sometimes I must tread the line of corny. I riser to the occasion, you might say. Sometimes I stringer it along, sometimes I hit it right on the nosing. People have been known to stop and stair, when I get on a run.


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