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February 05, 2015

Progress Update

Main Siding complete on Garage
Siding, Drywall, & Tile updates below.


Siding 1 (vertical T&G cedar, color dark dark blue) is now complete on the house and garage.

Siding 2 remains to be installed.  It will be in the "accent areas", and is envisioned to be a clear-stained horizontal cedar.  We have been having a very hard time finding a material that we can both afford and that is suitable.  Been working on this for some time, with much frustration.

I've started work on the steel panels that will form the siding in the vertical slots.  Steel is now cut, and primed with red-oxide primer on both sides. Waiting for the temperature to rise enough to paint the finish coats of paint.
Steel Plates for the exterior vertical window slot areas.


Approaching completion; possibly this week.

Not much to see since the previous pictures, just an ever-increasing level of refinement.

Work has started on the exterior soffits, which receive a special exterior drywall board (moisture resistant & sag-resistant), and are finished with setting compound.  They also get expansion joints to help manage temperature movement.
The drywall is making an incredible mess inside.  Everything is covered in white powder.  The workers, incredibly, opt not to wear dust masks.  There is some truly scary coughing that goes on.

Ceramic Tile:

After the initial push to waterproof the shower floors, the tile guys have slowed down a bit.  We passed the shower pan waterproofing inspection from the City.

More work on the tub surround continued yesterday, but no picture to show.

Other Misc Items:

- Exterior Doors:
We have solid-core wood doors at the Bike Room and Utility Room.  The intention is to cover them with siding so that they blend into the house; they are solid wood to provide good nailing for the siding.

Problem is, the solid cores swell quite a bit from ambient moisture, even though they are primed and painted well.

The utility door warped considerably, and the supply company luckily replaced it.  The new one is sized slightly small all around to allow expansion room.

The Bike Room doors also swelled, though not as much, and without warping.  I have removed the active door leaf and planed about 3/16" off of the hinge side to allow some expansion room for the door.  After re-cutting in the hinge rabbets, the door has been primed and has a coat of paint on it.  Awaiting a couple more coats for increased protection.  Hopefully this provides the solution, and allows the doors to move within the frame as necessary.

- Range Hood:
Three months and many calls and emails after ordering the range hood from an online retailer, it has arrived.  Thankfully it appears to be good quality, and suitably intact.

It is stainless steel; the white material is a protective film.
 - Lighting:
Lisa salvaged these nice vintage light fixtures from a demolished building a while ago.  Here we have re-wired them, and will be re-finishing them for use in the new house.

Taking apart the fixture

Rewired, and one of them partially refinished

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