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August 05, 2014

Floor Trusses & 2nd Floor Deck

Looking West - faint line of West Hills in the distance.
All the floor trusses have been installed, and covered with the subfloor plywood.

We are using a nice sturdy 1 1/8" thick subfloor, for a good solid feel underfoot, and no deflection to worry the tilesetter.

Subfloor is glued and nailed with ringshank nails per APA recommendations.  Just because I can't help myself, I'm adding screws as well.  This floor will not squeak if I can help it.

View from the front door, down toward the Living Room
Standing on the first floor now is a different experience; the floor above really defines the volume of the rooms.  (And provides some much-appreciated shady places on the site.)

View from kitchen toward outside of Living Room.  Big windows!
Soon the bracing can come down in the Living & Dining

Soon stairs will go in, making the trip up to frame the second floor a little easier.

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