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July 08, 2014

Dirt Everywhere

Dirt piles hide the deep trenches.  On the slab you can see the saw-cut control joints, and the blotchy drying out of the slab. (It won't look like that in the end).
The site was so neatly graded and clean for the 4th of July weekend.
Now it is CHAOS.

The decision was made to delay framing for the time being, and to get much of the remaining sub-grade piping into place.  This means trenches everywhere.

Every downspout from the roof was mapped out, and piped to the soakage trench.  The sewer from the garage was piped across the site and connected to the house sewer, and eventually to the street.  Electrical conduit were buried to provide power to the garage and the trash enclosure.

A sampling of the many pipes
All of the pipes (besides electrical) need to slope slightly to drain in the right direction.  This is harder than it seems to accomplish.

Dirty work, I can't imagine how this would be possible during the rainy season. 
So much work that gets covered and never appreciated.

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