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June 25, 2014

More Soakage Trench

A Lisa-Deep Trench
The soakage trench diagram from the "Drainage" post earlier seems reasonable enough in concept.  But when you translate that into reality the result is kind of stunning.

This trench is enormous. 

Add in pipe slopes from the far downspouts to the trench, and next thing you know you are digging pretty deep.
Dog content to watch the CAT do the digging
Did I mention already this trench is to be 56' long?

Also, we had a little mishap.
Hit the waterline to the garage that was just put in 2 days ago. 
(Did I not mention sequencing issues at the time...?")
Not my kind of kinky
It did not break (which was good since it was under pressure), but got kinked rather alarmingly.  Shall we pay the plumber to make an extra trip?

Here is one more photo of the trench, with a banana for scale.
This is for any Redditors in the crowd - you know you are out there.

Banana for scale.

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