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January 26, 2015

Mystery Siding

A patch of blue siding is still missing from the north side of the house for some time now.
All of the blue siding is missing for the garage also.

We have run out of material.

The siding order amount was calculated in AutoCad, using the drawings we used to build the house. 
It has been checked a few times now.

To that calculated total (both house & garage), I added 10% extra to cover waste.  Then I rounded up a little, to be safe.

I expected to have a little left over.
Or worst-case-scenario need one or two more pieces.

I am utterly baffled as to why I'm now having to order another 2800 lineal feet to complete the job.

Was some stolen from the site?  (Pretty sure that is a "no".)

Was the order shorted? (No way to tell.  I did not personally count the large stack that arrived on site.  Should I have?  It would have taken some effort and time.  No way to count retroactively.)

Did I miscalculate?  (If so, I'm making the same mistakes again now.)

A mystery.
An expensive, inconvenient one.

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  1. I've always been told the take-off plus 20%. I always wondered if that was an overly conservative estimate....guess not.


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