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January 16, 2015

Lower Fascia

Drywall is scheduled for Monday, so it was high time to install the fascia boards on the lower canopies.  (It forms the edge to contain the soffit drywall)

We opted to try a fiber cement product for the fascia:  Hardie Trim 5/4x12.  They have the advantage of being knot and rot-free, dead flat, and cheaper than large-dimension lumber.

The downsides are that this stuff is brittle, dulls saw blades quickly (it is concrete after all), and is quite heavy.

The heavy part was the biggest factor for me, since I was installing them solo.  Each 12 foot plank weighs 74 pounds, and I was climbing up ladders with them.  Certainly challenged me, and there were a few times I almost dropped one - which would have destroyed the board.

Managed to get them all in place, but not painted.  Lets hope the primer can withstand a lot of rain, because I'm not sure if there will be decent painting conditions any time soon.

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