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June 26, 2014

Ready for Radiant Tubes

Fluorescent Floor Plan
Tomorrow the radiant tubing is installed, to be cast into the concrete slab.  Concrete pour is scheduled for Monday (edit: now Tuesday, thanks Mother Nature).
Here you can see the orange paint marking out all of the interior walls and cabinetry on the first floor.  This is to act as a guide for the tubing placement.

We want to avoid the wall locations so that we can fasten into the slab without hitting a tube.  Also want to avoid wasting heat under cabinets where we don't need it.

The vapor barrier (white sheet beneath the rebar) is partially taped around the perimeter in this photo.  I finished it this afternoon, and just in time.  The rain started just as I was cleaning up.

A closer view from the next morning: 
Muddy water testing my vapor barrier

This is what architects expect to see when they draw their vapor barrier details. I dare say it doesn't normally get done like this. I got a friendly taunting from the crew about the effort.  I think this picture show why it matters; I have a nicely contained swimming pool instead of a wet foundation. 
What can go down through, can come up again... for the life of the house.

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