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June 10, 2014

Floor Plans

Ground Floor
Posting these floor plans for all to see feels like standing naked in public.

It always feels that way to some degree for every building, but the feeling is exponential given that these plans are for our own house.

Every building is a careful balance of competing desires, and spatial/budget limitations.
So many goals, opportunities and ideas; how to choose? 

Our choices define us, and quite clearly to those who speak the language. One must attempt to define oneself in order to make informed choices, which can be difficult if not unsettling. 
Compromises laid bare for all to see without explanation; there is no such thing as a building without compromises.  Can we post explanatory placards like a museum?  "Yes, we could have done this, but then that would be affected and we valued that more."

Maybe we can venture into that territory in later posts if people are interested, but for now have your way with it.
I'll offer up this for now:
- 2000 sq.ft. conditioned; radiant floor downstairs, radiators upstairs. Energy recovery ventilator.
- The spaces are tight, intentionally.
- Solar access, views of the garden, and indoor-outdoor living in Oregon's lovely climate are major organizational elements.
- Yes, that is an exterior door in the shower.  (Might regret it, might be awesome.)

We are glad to answer any "But why..." questions.

Upper Floor



  1. What material separates the fridge from the entry corridor? Looks thin-ish.
    Speaking of naked, is the shower-cum-vestibule meant for post-shower forays into the summertime air? Or is it meant as a mud room to double-use the plumbing. Or is it just because?

  2. Are you keeping the green roof off of inhabited space below because you never quite believed the literature about water infiltration?

    1. @ Frazier:
      - The fridge is in a freestanding cabinet. The back of the cabinet is what faces the entry corridor.

      - Yes, to both of your ideas about the shower. There will be privacy screening surrounding a little outdoor garden which the shower opens into. There will be an outdoor shower also, though just not right away. This will serve as a place to wash out wetsuits, and then walk right into a shower. It is also useful as a warm-water outdoor place to wash off and dry a dog's feet before releasing into the house.

      - Ha ha, no, I know what you mean though about inhabited roofs over living space. Actually the upper deck is over the kitchen, and has the same membrane below the paving slabs as the green roof (TPO).

  3. Cool.
    Will we get elevations soon? Curious how you're shielding the upper south facing windows.
    Also, does the shower/stair north window light up in an Indiana Jones-ey way way on the summer solstice or something?

    1. I've been trying to get a rendering to look half-decent, but this is not really something at which I have da skillz. I'm about to give up and just post a straight 'ol Sketchup model.

      The angled window should get direct light on a mid-summer morning, though there are some obstructions in the distance. Mainly it is a way to have a window in the shower without privacy issues, plus I think it helps the experience of coming down the stair, and works to make something of the junction where it passes the floor line.


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