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June 05, 2014

Got Gravel?

Mt. Gravelpile
It is time for the under-slab prep.

First, the ground inside the stemwalls is dug out where necessary, leveled, and compacted.

Trenches are dug where the sewer and other piping will go. (Installed tomorrow!)

Plumbing Trenches

Then insulation will be applied (vertically) to the perimeter stemwalls. 

4" of gravel will cover all the dirt between the insulation.  It will be  leveled and compacted. This creates a nice flat base for what comes next, as well as a capillary break for moisture.

6" of insulation covers this gravel, from side to side, wall to wall.

A vapor barrier goes down next on top of this, to make sure that moisture stays out.  Seams are taped, and the perimeter is sealed to the walls.

The concrete slab is the final layer in the floor assembly, but first everything that is cast inside the concrete must be placed and secured.

Reinforcing goes down first, creating a grid.  Then the radiant floor tubing is meticulously laid out, and tied to the reinforcing.  Anything else that didn't make it under the other layers goes down...last chance before the concrete...and then finally the concrete slab is poured.

That pour is about two weeks away.

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