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April 22, 2015

Sinking into a Hole (reverse that)

This is the Duravit washbasin we chose for our downstairs bathroom.
We wanted the one that comes with a hole in it for the faucet.

Well, not so simple.

If you were going to order the version with the hole, what model # would you chose?
Perhaps the one I circled in red?
The only one that even mentions a hole for the tap (faucet)?

If so you would be wrong, silly American.
OBVIOUSLY (sarcasm dripping) the one below with the black dot indicates the option with the faucet hole .

Also, taking it back to the store involves a $160 restocking fee (half the price of the sink!), and oh - is the box pristine?  Did you cut it open?  Well then, no return for you.

Honey, look what I installed today!  Wait, where is the faucet hole? Doh!

So what do we do now?
One of the most nerve-wracking things I've done in a while.

Made it through without a blowout.  Praise diamond bits.

Back on the wall.

Now with faucet


  1. nice work. we have one up here that needs some holes drilled. want to come up for a weekend?! :)

    1. I do want to come up! We keep trying; we'll get there hopefully before long.

      (1) I had to return the bit to the generous guy I borrowed it from, and
      (2) I was worried enough about screwing up my own sink - it would be so much worse worrying about screwing up yours!


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