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April 20, 2015

Project Update

Big trim boards in this opening, with reveal.  Took a bit of fussing, and adding drywall edging to make the shadowline reveal.  Messy business, but I'm getting better at it.  Still needs painting.
This past week or so was rather un-photogenic, but decent progress was made.
Mostly working alone at the house this week, but this coming week promises big things.

This past week involved:
- Lots of base trim: about 1/2 done, including up the stairway.  Some base trim is on hold until carpet installation in bedrooms.
- Lots of door trim: about 2/3 done.
- Drywall reveal trim installation around two openings.
- Misc. painting
- Mirrors measured and ordered.
- Glass shower door measured and ordered.
- Countertops ordered (they measure and template later)
- Flooring underlayment cut and put down in Laundry Closet, for future sheet linoleum.
- Plumber dropped off the sinks.
- Cabinet guy put down toe-kicks in the kitchen.
- Taxes prepared & filed

The coming week promises:
- Installation of the long-awaited Kitchen Cabinets  (Yay!)
- Installation of most plumbing fixtures that don't involve countertops: toilets, shower trim, tub trim, hose bibs, utility sink (Yay!)

Stay tuned - a lot of changes in the next few days.

Base trim in the Hallway
Base Trim up the stairs.  The finished wood stair treads and risers will butt into this.
Wood sink wall, now with steel shelf on top.  Sink has arrived, awaiting installation.
Door trim examples - a swing door (left) and pocket door (right).  Pocket door still needs a bit of touch up sanding and paint.
Kitchen cabinet bases are down.  Cabinets pending!

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