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September 14, 2014

Sunday Progress Update

Garage - now with canopy
A recap of the progress this week, with some pictures, follows below:

  • The roof framing is complete on the house.
  • The garage canopy has been framed, and the steel support posts set.
  • The main beams for the living/dining canopy are in place, and the steel support posts are in place. 
  • We now have 8 windows installed, and the frame in place for the dining room accordion door.  Most other window openings are sill-flashed and ready for the window install.
  • Lisa and I sanded all the newly-set window interiors this weekend, and put on a coat of finish to protect the wood from dirt and fingerprints.

Steel window surrounds are painted and ready for install.

Completed roof framing, with the canopy framing shaping up below.

Accordion Door frame, with interior wood newly sanded and finished.

Casement window, with interior wood newly sanded and finished

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