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May 28, 2014

Site Plan

So at some point, we have to show you what we are building.
Lets start with some drawings, while I polish up a rendering.

The Site Plan:

Some explanatory comments below the fold:

  • The building is L-shaped to present a facade to the street while enclosing a south-facing outdoor area that the house looks upon.  This outdoor space is one of the more important rooms of our house.
  • The front of the site has a few feet of fall down to the sidewalk (as evidenced by the steps shown).  The driveway will be fairly steep; it climbs up to a level carport.  The remainder of the site is relatively level.
  • The Garage will be used primarily as storage/workshop.  Occasional vehicle access can occur across the hardscape in the garden.
  • The rear garden areas are divided into three zones: a working garden for vegetables, a long rectangle of lawn area, and the landscaped garden which intermixes hardscape and planting beds to create outdoor rooms and beautiful things to look upon. 

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