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June 21, 2015

First Night in the New House

Our first night in the house.  So nice.

In the last few days, a massive effort transformed the dirty project-space into a home.

Immediately after receiving the Occupancy Permit from the City, we launched the move-in effort.

We are racing the clock - next weekend Lisa's Mom moves into our old house.  We had to clear out, and perform some repairs/upgrades before next weekend.

It took some real pressure on the subcontractors (a fit or two was pitched to get people to show), to get us inspection-ready.

Still plenty to do on the exterior (driveway, landscaping, some siding, paint, etc.), but the interior is complete in all the important ways; I still have a few non-essential items to complete.

For example, the picture above shows temporary masking tape pulls on the cabinets because we can't decide on the permanent ones.

Right now furniture is just thrown around in rooms, and will be moved a few times before settling down.

But it already is feeling like home.

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