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May 19, 2015

Window Trim

Corner trim in progress.  One panel and receiver added on the right side.  Insulation shown beside it.  On the left side the nailer has been added over the waterproofing..
Completed the metal trim on the Living Room windows today.

A series of aluminum extrusions are fit together so that the various window are joined together visually.

First a long sill piece is added to the bottom to make one long continuous sill.  The miter at the corner was a bit of trouble, as was cutting small slots in each window cladding corner to allow the piece to run through to the next window.

Then all the vertical pieces were built up.  Treated lumber was ripped to the precise depth and located to be nailers at the joints and corners.  All remaining space was filled with rigid insulation.  Then aluminum extrusions were cut to size, drilled, ground smooth, drilled, and fastened into place.

Finally a drip cap extrusion and sealant was added across the top to complete the assembly.

Took a good bit of grinding and coaxing with a rubber mallet, but finally everything clicked into place.
Now all the posts between the windows are hidden, and the windows read like one continuous assembly.

(There is still a missing bit of trim to be added below the sill extrusion to hide the inch of waterproofing seen peeking out below.)

Subtly different from previous pictures - but now the windows have no visible spaces between them. The brown aluminum joins them all together.

Multiple posts in this photo are now looking like window.

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