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March 07, 2015

Completed Ceramic Tile

Master Bath Walk-in Shower
Our bathroom ceramic tile is now complete!

Hard to photograph, since the rooms are tight, but here is what I have to show.

Downstairs Shower:
Most of the shower is covered in a 24"x24" concrete-like porcelain tile, with the north wall adding a beautiful blue accent color.

Bottle Recess - glass shelf pending
Overall View

Slot Drain

Second Floor Tub Room:
The white tub is matched with white tiles & grout on the side walls and tub skirt.  The back wall features the color and texture: brown-ringed cornflower blue penny tiles in a warm colored grout.

Penny Tile on the back wall.  Wood on the floor.
Detail at Window

Master Bathroom:
We used very large format travertine-like tiles on the shower walls (24"x48"), with grey-green glass tiles as a feature on the slanted wall, and 12"x24" tiles on the floor.

Window & Bench Detail
Bathroom Floor
Slot Drain in Shower

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